July 18, 2014

Annual Mid-Year Report on Thursday, July 24

Middle Smithfield Township invites residents to the Board of Supervisor’s meeting, scheduled for Thursday, July 24th, at 7 p.m., to hear the annual Mid-Year Report. The report will include snapshots of the township’s financials, an overview of the township operations by department, and a summary of accomplishments and the status of ongoing projects along with a forecast for the rest of the year.

Part of the Township’s goals for 2014 was to build a sense of community, engage residents, and collaborate to continuously improve the quality of life. This year’s mid-year report highlights those achievements. Some of the items that residents will hear about include specific improvements in roads, parks, and other Township amenities, successful community events (1000 Feet of Street, Easter Egg Hunt, Snapshots of Middle Smithfield, etc.), and advances in communication to the public.

“I look forward to these presentations to the public because each time we present, we show residents that our work is a two-way street,” said Supervisor Mike Dwyer, Public Works and Recreation Director. “We want them engaged and to give feedback, because that’s how you build a strong community.”

Middle Smithfield Township gives an annual budget presentation to the public in December, an annual preview of the upcoming year presentation in January, and a Mid-Year Report every July. Supervisors Annette Atkinson and Mike Dwyer will be presenting the Mid-Year Report on Thursday.

“We give detailed presentations like this year-round, and I always appreciate the change to interact with residents directly and answer their questions,” said Supervisor Atkinson, Administrative and Operations Director. “It’s important to us that taxpayers know exactly where their tax dollars are going, and the best way to share that is face-to-face; not just by putting a P&L or a balance sheet online.”

The Mid-Year Report is a chance for residents and the Township to look back on the goals set for the year and to see how much progress has been made.  Both presenters agree that it creates a good feeling to know that you’re working to improve the community.