September 13, 2014

It’s a Yardsale!

The Middle Smithfield Township Parks and Recreation Board invites you to its 1st Semi –annual Yard Sale on October 4th.  Although a first for the board, it is its  intention to have future yard sales in both  the spring and fall.

Hosted at Echo Lake Park, this event will showcase its  beauty , as well as raise some funds to promote various projects throughout the park.

Interested vendors are welcomed to book  a space before the event: The cost per space under the pavilion is $20 (limited only to 14 spaces), and $15 dollars for a space outside the pavilion.   All purchases of space  done on the day of the event cost will cost $25. To make a booking, contact Erin Groome at (570)-223-8920 x119.

So set aside Saturday, October 4th , and come spend the day with us!


Set up for vendors shall begin at 8.00AM,and the  yard sale will  run from 9.00AM – 4.00PM. Furthermore, no food vending shall be permitted during the event.
Questions or concerns about the information posted above? Feel  free to contact Erin Groome at  (570)-223-8920 x119