September 11, 2014

Rev3 Pocono Mountains Triathlon 2014: Traffic Control Plan

Below is a  list of Key intersections with flaggers and Road Closures.

Bushkill Falls Road will be Fully open, with flaggers at this intersections:

  • Lake drive-Bushkill Falls Road-Flagger
  • Bushkill Falls Road-Milford Road-Flagger
  • Bushkill Falls RoaD-209-Flagger
  • Bushkill Falls Road-Sugar Mountain Road

Route 209 will be fully open, as listed with flaggers at these intersection:

  • Route 209/Bushkill Falls Road-Park Ranger and Flagger
  • Route 209/Route 739-Park Ranger and Flagger
  • Route 209/North Contact Station-Park Ranger  and Flagger
  • Route 209/South Contact Station- Park Ranger and Flagger
  • Route 209/Community Drive-Flagger

River Road will be closed completely from National Park headquarters to Hialeah Picnic area, with flaggers at these intersections:

  •  Community Drive @River Road-Flagger
  • River Road/Hidden Lake Dr-Flagger
  • River Road/Hollow Road-2 Flaggers
  • River Road/Waring Drive-Flagger
  • River Road @ Worthington St-Flagger
  • River Road @ Shawnee Inn Rd-Flagger