April 15, 2015

Middle Smithfield Township Spring CLEAN UP: New and improved!

Middle Smithfield Township Spring CLEAN UP:  New and improved!

Middle Smithfield Township’s annual Spring Clean Up will be on May 1st and 2nd.  Our Freecycle Event will be the following week on May 7th, 8th, and 9th. Residents can drop off their gently used items with the knowledge that they won’t go to a landfill – but one of their neighbors or a charitable organization instead!  Everyone wins – the Spring Clean Up costs the taxpayers less money (fewer dumpsters), Pennsylvania landfills don’t fill up as quickly, and residents and local charities receive needed goods at a price that can’t be beat – FREE!

Here’s the schedule for the Spring Clean up and Freecyle Event:

Spring Clean Up

Residents can bring their refuse.
7am to 4pm: Friday, May 1st FREE SHREDDING
7am to 4pm: Saturday, May 2nd


Freecycle Event

The public can come and browse and take any of the Freecycled items
7am to 3pm: Thursday, May 7th
7am to 3pm:  Friday, May 8th
8am to 1pm: Saturday, May 9th

 In the weeks following the Freecycle event, local charitable organizations such as Bushkill Outreach, the Salvation Army, Women’s Resources of Nassau County can come and pick up whatever is left over.  Any books left in good condition will be held by the township and delivered to the Hughes Library for their annual book sale in June.


Spring Clean Up costs $5 per car load (slightly more for larger vehicles – see the attached flier for details) and tires disposal starts at $4 per each tire.  Middle Smithfield will accept bulk items, furniture, toys, washers, dryers, bicycles, lawn mowers, water heaters, batteries, nails, screws, empty paint cans – just no household garbage, construction debris or hazardous materials.


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