Resolutions & Ordinances

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Resolution 03-2018-2 Tentative Approval for the Development Plan for the Planned Residential Development– CCP

Resolution 04-2018-1; Annual Criteria for Volunteer to meet for Tax Credit Program

Resolution 06-2018-1- Placement of Banners Across State Highways

Resolution 06-2018-2- Application for a Keystone Grant

Resolution 06-2018-3- Undisturbed Use of Any :Library Facility Contructed in Conjunction with Keystone Grant Funding for 50 Years

Resolution 7-2018-1 adding Treatment Center to EDU Schedule


Resolution 2017-01-1 Planning Commission Members & AlternatesResolution 02-2017-1 21st Century Joinder Deed

Resolution 02-2017-2 2017 Peterbilt 365 Vehicle

Resolution 02-2017-3 Disposition of Certain Records

Resolution 12-2017-2 Budget and Tax Levy 2018

MST Fee Schedule Resolution 12-2017-3

Resolution 12-2017-4 Opposition to HB 1620 Wireless Infrasture Deployment Bill



Resolution 03-2016-1Amended and Restated ByLaws for the Township Workers Compensation Safety Committee

Resolution 03-2016-2 Child Protective Clearances Policy

Resolution 04-2016-1 2016 Peterbilt with Leaf Vac Body

Resolution 04-2016-2 Sale of Used 1996 Ford Truck

Resolution 04-2016-3 CAT Wheel Loader

Resolution 04-2016-4 Disposition of Certain Records

Resolution 04-2016-5 Miller-Joinder Deed

Resolution 06-2016-1 To Submit to PennDOT for Multimodal

Resolution 08-2016-1 Monroe County Hazard Mitigation 2016

Resolution 08-2016-2 Banners

Resolution 09-2016-1 Monroe County Hazard Mitigation 2016

Resolution 09-2016-2 Sewer Payment Plans No. 6

Resolution 09-2016-2 LSA Grant Application For Parks

Resolution 09-2016-3 LSA Grant Application for Emergency Generator

Resolution 09-2016-4 Miller Joinder Deed

Resolution 10-2016-1 Adams Drive

Resolution 10-2016-2 Sewer Grant Frutchey Road

Resolution 2016-12-1 Passed 2017 Budget

Resolution 2016-12-2 CPA


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