Roads & Public Works

Middle Smithfield Township’s Public Works Department provides a number of needed services to our community. Most notably, the Public Works Department maintains the township roads throughout the year, including, but not limited to, snow removal and salt and cindering, maintenance of drainage, road repair and maintenance, and various infrastructure projects, for recreational, employment, and health and safety uses in the greater community.

Middle Smithfield Township is comprised of over 75 miles of township roads. A comprehensive road repair and maintenance plan was instituted in 2012, where between 8 and 10 miles of road are paved and or repaved to extend the useful life of all roads and keep our roads in the best condition possible. Each year, the Public Works Department. In addition to paved roads, there are over 12 miles of “dirt roads” within the township that are maintained.

The Public Works Department also maintains the Municipal Golf Course. During the golf season, Public Works crews treat, cut, and shape the course and maintain the irrigation systems. Middle Smithfield Township owns and operates trucks and machinery to accomplish the work necessary. Our newest acquisition, a leaf collection vacuum, allows for much more efficient collection of leafs during the Spring and Fall. Where once leaf collection was a 4 to 6 man job over a 3 to 4 week schedule, the new leaf vacuum allows for just 2 men over the same period. Investment in the right trucks and equipment saves tax dollars and maintaining each vehicle and equipment extends the expected life.

2017 Leaf Collection Information

2017 Township Cleanup Information

Oak Grove Commercial Application

State Roads

Route 209
Route 402
Marshalls Creek Road
Hollow Road
Lower Lakeview Drive
Sellersville Road (from Route 209 to Lower Lakeview Drive)
Tom X Road
Winona Falls Road (from Route 209 to Lower Lakeview Drive)
River Road (Federal Road)

Adopt a Road Program

Township Roads make up 74.10 miles of our road system in Middle Smithfield Township.

Township roads are listed below:

Township Roads

Alexander Court
Arbutus Lane
Auburn Way
Avenue De Guy Road
Barren Road
Besecker Drive
Big Bear Drive
Big Buck Lane
Bowie Lane (Formerly White Birch Lane)
Brook Hollow Road
Brushy Mtn.
Buckhorn Drive
Buroojy Court
Charley Drive
Chateau Drive
Church Hill Road
Clearspring Court
Cold Springs Road
Colonial Drive
Columbia Blvd.
Community Drive
Coolbaugh Road
Corral Court
Courtright Lane
Creek Run
Crown Point Court
Crown Point Drive
Crown Point Dr.N&S
Custard Drive
Dancing Ridge Road
Dawn Ave
Deer Path Drive (future Magnolia Drive)
Deer Track Drive
Deer Track Lane
Denise Lane
Dogwood Court (future Calvary Court)
Dry Pond Drive
Eastridge Lane
Flagstone Lane
Firestone Lane
Fish Court
Forest Run
Foxmoor Drive (Also known as Jughandle Drive)
Freeman Tract Road
Frutchey Drive
Georganna Drive
Glenview Court
Gravel Ridge Road
Havenwood Drive
Hiawatha Lane
Hidden Lake Drive
High Meadow Dr.
Hollow Road (Future Holy Cross Road)
Honeysuckle Drive
Huckleberry Drive
Huffman Hill Road
Jennifer Lane
Kassidy Court
Keystone Road
Knob Hill Circle
Knoll Drive
Laurel Ridge Road
Ledgewood Court
Lakeside Drive
Mackenzie Drive
Manzanedo Road
Maplewood Court
Maplewood Drive
Marjorie Court
McCole Road
Melvin Lane
Michaels Road
Minsi Road
Monroe Lakeshore Drive
Mosiers Knob Road
Mt. Laurel Court
Mt. Laurel Drive
Mt. Nebo Road
Municipal Drive
Newton Run Drive
Oak Grove Drive
Overlook Lane
Pheasant Ridge Road
Pine Hill Court
Pine Hill Road
Pine Tree Drive (Future Green Meadow Drive)
Primrose Lane
Reservoir Road
Reservoir Ridge Rd
Ridge View Road (Future Scenery Court)
River Road
Rue De John Road
Russell Ridge Road
Sand Hill Drive
Sellersville Drive
Shady Hill Road
Sidorick Lane
Skyview Lane
Sterling Court
Stonewall Court
Stoney Brook Dr.
Stoney Ledge Drive
Sugar Works Drive
Summit Drive
Sumner Drive
Sycamore Lane
Tego Lake Road
Thornberry Court
Timber Mtn. Drive
Timbercrest Lane
Timothy Lake Road
Travis Drive
Turkey Ridge Road
Upper Lakeview Dr.
Watershed Way
Waverly Drive
Westridge Lane
White Birch Lane
Winona Falls Road
Wood Lane (Future Whipporwill Lane and Paper Lane)
Wooddale Road
Woodland Trails
Yellowleaf Court


Township Maps

Click here to view the current ZONING Map of Middle Smithfield Township

Click here for a road map from PennDOT. This map is similar to the map below, but with more details about the roadways that are maintained by the the state (PennDOT) or by Middle Smithfield Township (us!)
Click here for the current road map of Middle Smithfield Township (PDF, 3.19mb)
Click here for the old road map of Middle Smithfield Township BEFORE the 9-1-1 readdressing (PDF, 2.8mb)
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