May 9, 2018

Middle Smithfield Township announces Tax Credits for Fire and EMS Volunteers

The Middle Smithfield Township Board of Supervisors are excited to announce that they unanimously adopted a new ordinance and resolution on April 26, 2018 for Volunteer Service Tax Credits for volunteer fire and EMS personnel.

This ordinance and resolution allows Middle Smithfield Township to grant local tax credits to active volunteers at volunteer fire companies and nonprofit emergency medical service agencies.

The supervisors hope this will act as an incentive for other residents to volunteer for local emergency services in a time when volunteers are desperately needed.

Criteria must be met for volunteers to receive local tax credits, including: volunteers must be in good standing defined by the bylaws of the agency they volunteer for, volunteers must achieve a minimum of 50 hours of service a year, and volunteers on probation according the bylaws of the agency are not eligible for tax credits.

“It is an honor for the Supervisors of Middle Smithfield Township to unanimously approve and adopt Ordinance 220 establishing the Volunteer Tax Credit,” said Supervisor, Mike Dwyer.

Local fire and EMS volunteers are very thankful for the recognition and support they are receiving from the Township.

“As a community-based EMS service, the volunteers of Bushkill Emergency Corps appreciate the action that the Middle Smithfield Township Board of Supervisors has taken which acknowledges both the value of our volunteerism and the importance of our pre-hospital care for our residents and visitors.” Said Debbie Kulick, President of Bushkill Emergency Corps.

“The Township not only supports our volunteer EMS providers, but we encourage more of our residents to donate some of their time for the betterment of our community. This tax credit is another way we can say “thank you” to these dedicated volunteers.” Dwyer added