July 10, 2018

MST Recycling Center Closing

Monroe County Municipal Waste Authority to Close Recycling Center at Middle Smithfield Township.


Contamination and Illegal Dumping is Impacting the Ability to Market Recyclables!


Middle Smithfield Township and The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority (MCMWMA) met on Tuesday, July 3, 2018, to discuss the current state of the recycling industry.


As a direct result of the import bans imposed by China and the ever-increasing contamination caused by illegal dumping and deposit of unmarketable materials and garbage within MCMWMA recycling bins, their recycling drop off locations are being consolidated.


As part of the MCWMA consolidation, the Middle Smithfield Township site will be closing within the next 30 days.


The drop off facilities listed below will be gated with prescribed hours of operation to coincide with the Waste Authority’s collection schedule.


All waste haulers must provide recycling services.  Please check with your provider.


Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Pocono Township

2174A PA-611

Swiftwater, PA 18370


Military Road Recycling Site

Stroud Township

1110 Military Road

Stroudsburg, PA 18360


Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority

183 Commercial Blvd.

Blakeslee, PA 18610


The sites will be manned and or supervised to ensure that only acceptable materials are deposited in the correct recycling bins.  If you have any questions in reference to the above facilities, please contact the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority at 570.643.6100.


Middle Smithfield Township residents and businesses are mandated, by the Commonwealth, to recycle. Garbage collectors must provide recyclable collection services to their customers.