July 22, 2019

2019 Mid-Year Report

It’s summer! Time for report cards:
2019 Mid-Year Report on Thursday 7/25 at 7pm

Continuing this administration’s tradition of timely and accurate periodic reports to the public, Middle Smithfield Township is on track to deliver their annual Mid-Year Report to the public at their next Board of Supervisor’s meeting, scheduled for this Thursday, July 25th, at 7pm in the Schoonover Municipal Building.

Several VIP’s will be in attendance, such as the 2018 Person of the year and finalists, two long time volunteers retiring from their committees, and Eagles Scouts – and even state officials with their well wishes.

Each year, the township makes several presentations to the public, such as the next year’s budget in December along with a “Year-End Report”, a “Preview of the Upcoming Year” report in January, and a “Mid-Year Report” in July.

Typically, the township reports include new projects, such as the Community Center and Library, a snapshot of the township’s financials, overview of township operations by departments and committees, and summary of accomplishments and status of ongoing projects and forecast for the rest of the year.

Some highlights of this year’s report directly answer our ongoing goals:  build a sense of community, engage residents, and collaborate to continuously improve the quality of life.

Others directly answer our goals for 2019: Invest in our community, encourage business growth and leadership in municipal government.


 Just some of the things residents will hear about:

  • Contributions by township committees, powered by Volunteers
  • Specific additions and improvements to the township
  • Improvements to township amenities such as parks and infrastructure such as road improvements
  • Comprehensive training and safety program for all Township employees.
  • Successful community events, including 1000 Feet of Street.
  • Improved support of local businesses, residents, and visitors.


“Many residents attend the annual budget presentation meeting,” said Supervisor Mike Dwyer. “We want our taxpayers to know exactly where their tax dollars are going, and we welcome feedback from them on where to direct incremental funds – where their passions lie.”

“Every summer, the Mid-Year report gives us a chance to assess our progress on our goals for the year, and each year we realize just how far we’ve come,” said Supervisor Annette Atkinson. “It’s a good feeling, working to improve the community.”

“I look forward to the face-to-face involvement with our community” said Supervisor Mark Oney.  “We love engaging the community in their own future.”