Budget & Finance

The Budget and Finance Manager oversees the daily operations under the direction of the Township Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. The Budget and Finance department is charged with all billing, receivables, and payments.

The most critical issue facing the township each year is meeting financial obligations while making every effort to keep taxes in check. Our Budget and Finance department performs careful scrutiny of bids for services, expenses, and salaries.

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Annual Budget

The preparation of the township Annual Budget commences as early as October each year and incorporates all funds. Operating Funds, which is dependent on real estate and income taxes, Sewer funds, which are dependent on Sewer user fees and Liquid Fuels accounts are reviewed to prepare each budget. Middle Smithfield's Municipal Golf Course's operations are also budgeted each year.

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Bonnie Winters can be reached at 570-223-8920, ext. 131 or by email.