September 23, 2019

Nominate someone you know for 2019 Person of the Year 

Nominate someone you know for 2019 Person of the Year


The Middle Smithfield Township Person of the Year award recognizes Middle Smithfield residents who have made a positive difference in the world and highlight the importance of altruism, philanthropy and community service.  The recipient of the award will receive $1,500 towards their cause, while two finalists will receive $1,000 each toward their cause.

The award is issued by Middle Smithfield Township’s Supervisors to recognize the contributions philanthropists make to our community. The MST “Person of the Year” Award is available annually to individuals who meet or exceed requirements for volunteer service and have demonstrated exemplary citizenship through volunteering. Nominees may have performed their volunteer work locally, nationally or internationally.

Not only are residents of Middle Smithfield Township eligible to be nominated, anyone who volunteers for an organization in or that serves Middle Smithfield Township is eligible as well. This change allows for more volunteers to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

The nomination process is simple. Submit the contact information for both the nominee and the nominator and write a brief story as to why your nominee should win, highlighting something that distinguishes them as an individual and how their contribution has made a difference in the community.

Nomination forms and details can be found here or can be picked up at the township building.

Nominations will be accepted through November 18th, and the finalists will be notified by December 20th.  An independent panel of judges representing the district judicial system, news media, local clergy, and business leaders from across Middle Smithfield will select the award recipients.


Typically held during the year end busy holiday season, for the convenience of our residents, volunteers and nominees, the Township will now host the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in the beginning of the New Year.  The dinner will be held at the township’s Whispering Pines Banquet Hall at Country Club of the Poconos both to honor the Person of the Year finalists and recognize the township’s many volunteers on Friday, January 24th.

Not only will the 2019 Person of the Year be announced, other volunteers and organizations will be recognized for the hard work they do for the community.

Any questions regarding the Person of the Year Award and nomination process can be directed to Holly at 570-223-8920 ext 132 or


Nomination Guidelines: 

  • Service provided may not include hours served as part of an internship fulfilling academic requirements.
  • Nominated volunteers must have provided service during the 2019 calendar year; however, service provided prior to this year can also be included.
  • Nominee must reside in and/or volunteer in Middle Smithfield Township.
  • Volunteers may nominate themselves.
  • Staff members compensated by salary or any other compensatory means are not eligible.
  • Any service provided in reference to a court case will not be eligible.
  • Award selections are based on the nominee’s volunteer efforts and commitment of time, accomplishments, community impact and enhancement of the lives of others, as described on the nomination form.
  • Nominees must volunteer for a minimum of one year, at least 170 hours per year, and reside in or volunteer in Middle Smithfield Township and benefited the community in a substantial, important or unique way.
  • Nominations must be received via mail or online application
  • Nominators must obtain approval from the person being nominated prior to submission.
  • Nominee must reside in and/or volunteer in Middle Smithfield Township.
  • All decisions made by the independent panel of judges are final.
  • Nominations are subject to verification.