January 10, 2020

Request for Proposals for Real Estate Marketing and Sale Services

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Middle Smithfield Township (the “Township”) invites written proposals from qualified
services providers to provide the Township with marketing and sale services in connection with
the sale of Township-owned real estate. The real estate consists, generally, of undeveloped land,
golf course, club house and maintenance building, totaling approximately 410 acres of land. Sale
of the real estate would include all furniture, fixtures and equipment, associated with the club
house and golf course,

Proposals must be received at the Township Municipal Building, 147 Municipal Drive,
East Stroudsburg, PA 18302, no later than 2:00 p.m. prevailing time on February 27, 2020.

Proposal requirements are contained in the Township’s written Request for Proposal
document, available at the Township’s offices, or the Township’s website, or by contacting the Township Secretary at phone number
570-223-8920, or e-mail

The Township is seeking professional services. The Township is not required to
competitively bid professional service contracts, or award such contracts based solely on price.
While the cost of services is an important consideration in the Township’s award of a contract
for professional services, it is not the only factor. The Township reserves and holds the right, at
its sole discretion, to: Accept any proposal; Reject any and/or all proposals; Not enter into a
transaction with any Service providers; Terminate consideration or evaluation of any proposal at
any time, for any reason; Suspend, discontinue or terminate the RFP process for any reason;
Negotiate with a selected Service providers without being bound by any provision in a proposal;
Request or receive additional information regarding any proposal; Revise, supplement, withdraw
or cancel all or part of this RFP for any reason; Conduct investigations with respect to the
qualifications and experience of Service providers; Change or deviate from the schedule for
dates specified in this RFP; Evaluate alternative operational and financial models; Request
clarifications; and Take any other action affecting the RFP or the process that is in the
Township’s best interest.

Board of Supervisors