October 7, 2020

Political Signs- What You Need to Know.

With elections just around the corner, Middle Smithfield Township would like to inform you of the section of our Zoning Ordinance as it pertains to political signs and provide you with the appropriate application – please see attached.

The application is to be submitted prior to the placement of any signs within the Township. While political signs are exempt of all fees per Resolution Number 05-2015-1, we do request that you submit your permit application in a timely manner.

Please note the following:

  1. Political signs shall not be posted on Township property without written permission from the governmental entity that owns or controls that property, except as may be allowed outside of a polling place on election day, or within a public street right-of-way and if placed may be removed and discarded. See §190-130(10b) & §090-100(D)
  2. Political signs shall not be posted on private property without permission from the property owner and may be removed and discarded by the property owner. See §190-100(E)
  3. A political sign for any candidate or issue shall not be located within 100 feet of any other sign for the same candidate on the same lot that is readable from the same street. See §090-130(10d)
  4. Signs shall meet minimum traffic safety standards; not obstructing a clear sight triangle at any intersection, safe sight distances at a driveway and view of traffic controls. See §090-100(F)

Please ensure your volunteers are aware of, and adhere to, these regulations when placing signs. Clear violations could result in the removal of your political signs.

If you have any questions with regard to this letter, or if we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact our Zoning Office at 570-223-8920 ext. 126.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and best of luck to all candidates on election day.