June 4, 2021


The Penn State Extension Master Gardener program is accepting applications for their 2021-2022 training until June 15!  If you sign up and you are a Middle Smithfield Township resident, the Township will sponsor your training by reimbursing you for up to 2/3 of the tuition!

For information about the program, visit the Master Gardener website, email or call 570-421-6430 (option 6 or 9).

How the reimbursement works:

  1. Visit the Master Gardener website, request an application for the 2021-22 Basic Training Class. Applications are due by June 15, 2021. An interview will be scheduled with the Penn State Extension Master Gardener Coordinator, Susan Detrick. Please do read about the program and its member requirements.
  2. If you are accepted into the program, contact the Middle Smithfield Township with proof of registration and proof of residence in the Township.
  3. After you have successfully completed the basic training classes and passed the final exam Middle Smithfield Township will reimburse you $65 of the $200 tuition fee. (April, 2022)
  4. Master Gardener Basic Trainees are required to donate 50 hours of volunteer time to then receive their Master Gardener certification.  In order to receive an additional reimbursement of $65, for a total of $130 of your $200 tuition reimbursed, MST basic trainees will work to establish and maintain a Penn State Extension Master Gardener Demonstration Garden(s) at the new MST Community Cultural Center. The volunteer service must be completed by Sept. 30, 2022. You are then a certified Master Gardener.

To maintain yearly Master Gardener certification, one must take 10 hours of continuing education (provided at no charge by Penn State Extension) and volunteer 20 hours. The Demonstration Garden(s) at the MST Community Cultural Center will be a focus of your on-going commitment to the MG program and the MST community as you provide educational opportunities about sustainable horticultural practices

Any questions about the program should be directed to the Penn State Extension of Monroe County (contact information above).

Any questions about the reimbursement offer can be directed to Chris Rain (570-223-8920 x119) or Annette Atkinson (570-223-8920 x124).