March 23, 2022


  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Approval of Agenda, and any Amendments
  3. Approval of the March 10, 2022 Minutes
  4. Report of Executive Session(s)
  5. Announcements
  6. Correspondence
  7. Bid Opening and Possible Award
    • Containers for the Township Spring and Summer Cleanup
  8. Treasurer’s Report
    • Payables
  9. Solicitors Report
    • SALDO Amendment relating to Comprehensive Plan Update
    • Zoning Ordinance Amendment relating to Comprehensive Plan Update
    • Zoning Ordinance Amendment relating to electronic signs
    • SALDO Amendment relating to curbs and sidewalks
  10. Engineers Report
  11. Old Business
    • Articles of Incorporation for the Middle Smithfield Township Community & Cultural Center Foundation
    • Winds West, Inc. Self-Storage Units Cost Estimate
  12. New Business
    • Resolution 03-2022-1; Authorize The Public Works Director Of Township Of Middle Smithfield To Sign and Submit The Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement, Modifications To The Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement And Future Applications For Traffic Signal Approval To The Department Of Transportation.
    • Approve and Authorize The Public Works Director To Sign The Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation Application For Traffic Signal Approval and related documents.
    • Approve and Authorize the execution of the Cooperative MOU with Smithfield Township for the Green Light-Go Project.
    • Gold Dust Capital Partners, LLC (Winds West Storage Units)
      1. Approval of Improvements Agreement
      2. Approval of Stormwater Facilities Maintenance and Monitoring Agreement
      3. Time extension for conditional Plan approval
    • Costars State Contract; 2023 John Deere 410L Backhoe Loader with Trade in of the 2007 John Deere 410 J
    • Authorize the Advertising to Bid on Munibid Auction Site for;
      1. 7.5’Western Plow
      2. 8’ Western Plow
      3. Rear Box Plate
      4. Gravely ProVac 1050
    • 2022 AARP Community challenge Grant Program
    • Resolution 03-2022-2; Resolution of The Board of Supervisors of Middle Smithfield Township, County of Monroe, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Declaring The Continued Operation of The Country Club of The Poconos and The Whispering Pines Banquet Hall Unfeasible and Authorizing The Township Solicitor To Seek Approval For The Sale of The Same From The Monroe County Orphans’ Court
  13. Public Comment;
  14. Adjournment