April 12, 2022

Submit Your Letter of Interest for Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) Position

This position is one of the most important positions in a township! State law requires that each municipality have an emergency management coordinator and an emergency plan. (We have the plan, but our EMC moved.) The emergency management coordinator is appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the board of supervisors. Since emergencies come in all forms, from severe storms, to toxic material spills to car crashes, the EMC must be able and willing to function in a variety of situations.

Within the first year of being appointed as EMC, the EMC must take required training courses, (much of it is available online, and all of it is paid for by the township) through the county emergency management agency in order to qualify for this position.

If you or someone you know would be interested in hearing more about the EMC duties, please submit a letter of interest to and include “EMC” in the subject line.