July 13, 2022

Middle Smithfield Township Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda July 14, 2022 7pm

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Approval of Agenda, and any Amendments
  3. Approval of the June 23, 2022 Minutes
  4. Report of Executive Session(s)
  5. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
  6. Announcements
  7. Correspondence
    • Bushkill Emergency Corps
  8. Committee & Department Reports
  9. Public Hearing(s)
    • Conditional Use Application for a Proposed Personal Care Home
    • Proposed Ordinance Amending the Middle Smithfield Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance at Chapter 170 of the Code of Ordinances of Middle Smithfield Township by Amending the Street and Sidewalk Construction Requirements at Section 170-78
  10. Treasurer’s Report
    • Payables
  11. Solicitors Report
  12. Engineers Report
    • Stormwater Management; Draft Ordinance
  13. Old Business
    • Appoint Jared Acosta and Thomas Marchesani to Fill the Vacancies on the Economic Development Committee.
  14. New Business
    • Resolution 07-2022-1; Resolution Adopting a Non-CDL Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
    • Resolution 07-2022-2; William J. Warne Joinder Deed
    • Resolution 07-2022-3; Robert T. Estler and Laura B. Estler Joinder Deed
    • Resolution 07-2022-4; Amending the Number of Economic Development Committee Membership from Five to Seven
    • MST Cultural Center Display Agreement
    • Appoint Paul Suhrie to Fill the Vacancy on the Golf Course Advisory Committee
    • Bushkill Emergency Corps; EMS and Continued Support
  15. Public Comment
  16. Adjournment