October 12, 2022

Dirty Dirt Alert – Avoiding Dirty Fill

Please check out this warning from the Monroe County Conservation District about Dirty Fill:

Does FREE FILL sound too good to be true? It probably is.

Ask yourself: What would motivate a company to travel an hour or more to dump and spread fill for me for free?


“Clean fill”, which is sold or offered free of charge, may contain contaminants that should not be dumped on residential property.

What are some basic questions I can ask to protect my property and my family to make sure the fill I am placing on my property is actually clean fill?

1.  Where did the material come from and was it subject to any potential spills?
2.  Did a Professional certify the soils are clean?
3.  Is there a table summarizing the soil sampling performed at the fill generation site and a copy of the analytical results available for review?
4.  Is there a complete copy of PA DEP Form FP-001(Certification of Origin of Clean Fill) with the loads?

The FP-001 form should be submitted to the DEP’s Waste Management Program Technical Services Section and they can help you determine if the source and fill is safe for your backyard!

Contact EP, Municipal-Residual Waste