August 11, 2014

The Rising Nation River Journey

Since 2006, the Lenape Indian nation has journeyed down the Delaware River in an effort to promote awareness of their culture, traditions and spiritual beliefs. During these journeys, the Lenape sojourners carry with them the Treaty of Renewed Friendship,signed every four years between the Lenape and several organisations  organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Photo taken by Steven Natiello
The Lenape nation Sojourners

“History tells us that Middle Smithfield Township settlers have interacted with the Lenni Lenape in times of peace and war.  The Treaty of Renewed Friendship signed at the Shawnee Inn on 7 August, 2014 is a commitment by both parties to advance an appreciation of our mutual heritage.  Our thanks go out to the Lenape Nation for their inspirational effort,” said Danny Younger, a member of the Historical Commission present at the treaty signing event. Among the signatories of the treaty was  Supervisor, Annette Atkinson, who signed the treaty on behalf of Middle Smithfield Township.

Photo by Steven Natiello
Seated: Supervisor Annette Atkinson
Standing:Danny Younger

Led by Chief Shelly DePaul, this monumental River Journey begun in Hancock, New York ,on Saturday August 2nd and will culminate on August 17, 2014 in Cape May, NJ. For more information about the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, visit their website at  or email for any further inquiries.