May 8, 2015

Political Signs: MST Zoning Rules

“I hate these political signs” and “My signs were stolen”

It’s Election time! Primaries are May 19th. And that means spring flowers aren’t the only thing popping up — so are political signs!

After receiving calls BOTH from disgruntled property owners complaining signs sprung up on their property without permission, and disgruntled candidates complaining that their signs have disappeared, we thought it was time to post Middle Smithfield Township’s Zoning rules, as they pertain to political signs, in their entirety, below.

To summarize:


— Political candidates need permission of the property owner of any private property to place a sign, even if it’s in the right-of-way.

— Property owners have the right to remove any sign from their property, even if it’s in the right-of-way.

— If it’s not your property or your sign, you shouldn’t remove it.


Political candidates can place political signs on township property (NOT including the right-of-ways on private property) as it is permitted in the ordinance.

If you would like further clarification, please call Zoning at either extension 126 or 128.

Exempt signs.


Political signs: Political signs announcing political candidates seeking office, slates of candidates, political parties and/or political and public issues appearing on a ballot shall be subject to the following requirements:

(1) No person shall post any sign of any kind whatsoever upon public or private property or trees within Middle Smithfield Township without permission of the property owner.

(2) Signs shall not be permitted on utility poles, light poles, trees or other similar structures.

(3) Such signs shall not be posted more than 90 days in advance of the election to which they pertain and shall be removed within five calendar days following the election for which they were posted.

(4) Political signs shall not be placed so as to obstruct vision at roadway intersections.