Board of Supervisors

Second class townships are governed by 3 or 5 member boards of township supervisors, each with a 6 year term. The terms are staggered so that every two years, one Supervisor is up for re-election.

Current Board of Supervisors in Middle Smithfield Township

Chairperson: Annette Atkinson – Annette was elected in 2011 and was appointed to take office in November of 2011, with her first term ending in. Her term runs until December 2017. Annette was re-elected in 2017, and her second term ends December 2023.  Annette currently serves as Chairperson, Administrative and Operations Director, and Assistant Treasurer.
Phone: 570-223-8920 ext.124

Vice Chairperson:  Mark Oney – Mark was elected in 2015 and took office in January 2016. His term runs through December 2021. Mark currently serves as Vice Chairperson and also serves on the Planning Commission.
Phone: 570-223-8920 ext.125

Supervisor: Michael J. Dwyer – Mike was originally appointed in November of 2011. Mike was elected in 2013, and took office in January 2014. His term runs until December 2019. Mike was re-elected in 2019, and his second term ends December 2025. Mike currently serves as Public Works Director, Parks and Recreation Director, Treasurer, and Supervisor.
Phone: 570-223-8920 ext.123