Community Center & Library

Coming Soon! 

Happy Anniversary to us! Hard to believe, but it was a year ago, on August 28th, 2019, right in MST Echo Lake Park, that we broke ground for the Middle Smithfield Township Community & Cultural Center, which will also be home to the Library of the Smithfields. While in 2019, we forecast the facility’s completion by now (and it’s still not finished yet) — the progress made in just a year is truly remarkable, considering how COVID affected every aspect of everything, from contractors being paused from work, to deliveries and supplies taking much, much longer.

Not to mention that gatherings in and of themselves are still being limited, due to COVID.

So, while we couldn’t have a true Anniversary Celebration of the groundbreaking of this public project, we couldn’t resist marking the special day and sharing our progress with you. We can hardly wait to celebrate with you all in person, but for now, we hope you’ll enjoy these photos (we’ll keep adding more, so like the page and check back) and special thanks to Tom Riccobono for this short video.

Enjoy the video and the memories, and enjoy the possibilities for the future!