Historical Commission


The Historical Commission is comprised of historical educators, local residents and committed volunteers that aim to foster and promote public knowledge and interest in Township history.

Since its establishment in 2012, the Commission has served as an advisory resource for those interested in township history. Members have been involved with identifying significant architectural, historical, and natural sites in Middle Smithfield Township; the goal is to create a registry available to all residents. For example, in June 2013, members of the Historical Commission, and 30 brave explorers, set on an expedition to find remnants of Fort Hyndshaw. What they found was a number of foundation walls, artifacts, and other items of interest that added to the growing knowledge of our Township.

The Commission also hosts interactive and fun events to further its role in preserving history. Each year, the Commission hosts a Memory Makers luncheon to celebrate long-time residents and give them a platform to reminisce about their experiences living in the Township. Past topics have included influential women of MST’s history, Schools, History of Local Theaters, and resorts.

With a great year ahead, the Commission continues to come up with exciting ideas and projects to accomplish its mission to preserve and create awareness of Township history.

General Information

The Historical Commission meets the first Thursday of the month at 9:00am. The public is encouraged to attend and learn about MST history!


Chairperson: Carrie Wetherbee
Vice Chairperson: Robert Huffman
Secretary: Patricia Francis
Member: Charisse Fallon
Member: Ken Johns
Member: Gary Morris
Member: Deborah Emin
Liaison: Holly Dennis

Holly Freese, Liaison
Phone: (570) 223-8920 ext. 132
Email: hdennis@mstownship.com
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