Person Of The Year Award

Celebrate Unsung Local Heroes

Each year, residents gather to celebrate the unsung heroes in the Middles Smithfield Township community and choose a Person of the Year.

The Person of the Year award recognizes Middle Smithfield residents who have made a positive difference in the world and highlight the importance of altruism, philanthropy and community service. The recipient of the award will receive $1,500 towards their cause, while two finalists will receive $1,000 each toward their cause. The winners will each be decided by an independent panel of judges.


Nomination Guidelines:

  • Nominees must be unpaid volunteers who live in and/or volunteer in Middle Smithfield Township.
  • Nominees must volunteer for a minimum of one year, at least 170 hours per year, and reside in or volunteer in Middle Smithfield Township and benefited the community in a substantial, important or unique way.
  • Nominated volunteers must have provided service during the 2019 calendar year; however, service provided prior to this year can also be included.
  • All Nominations are subject to verification.


The awards will be announced at a special event in the beautiful Whispering Pines Banquet Hall. More details about the 2019 person of the Year event are coming soon!

Have questions? Call Holly at 570-223-8920 x 132 or email

Join us on January 24th at the Person of the Year &
Volunteer Appreciation Banquet to see who won!

Nominate someone you know for 2019 Person of the Year

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