Policies & Information

A user-friendly list of all policies and information is available below. If you would like more information, please contact the township at 570-223-8920.

Information regarding Open Records and the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law can be found on the Right to Know page.

The Township posts the current approved Township budget on this website. Click here to view the budget.

The Code of Middle Smithfield Township is available on the internet or directly through General Code Publishers. The Middle Smithfield Township general code can be found on the General Code page.

Information on Act 537 Special Study Area can be found on the 537 Special Study page.

A copy of the Middle Smithfield Township – Monroe County, Pennsylvania  Comprehensive Plan: 2007 is located on the Comprehensive Plan page.

Information regarding Stormwater Management is found on the Stormwater page.

Zoning permit information and tips for choosing a reputable contractor can be found on the Zoning and Zoning Permits page.

The Middle Smithfield Township Supervisors adopted the International Building Codes effective January 1, 2004 as required by Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code – Act 45.

Building code official and building code information can be found on the Building Permits page.