Sewer Department

Sewer Officer:  Joan Woisin

Middle Smithfield sewer customers can view their accounts online.

  • Make payments using checking account or credit card.  Credit cards have a 2.5% fee; checking accounts have no fees.
  • View your account history
  • View your payment history

If you wish to sign up for Auto Payments using a checking account, please contact Sewer Department Manager Joan Woisin.

Email Joan Woisin or call 570-223-8920 x117 with any questions!


If you would like to make an online payment, please go to our new portal.

You will need your full account number (with dashes) and your CID # to register.  Your bill has the account number and CID printed on the upper right-hand corner.

Please be aware credit cards now carry a fee of 2.5%.  You can make a one-time payment using your checking account for free.


The Sewer Department operates and maintains the Townships treatment plants and all collection systems.

Joan Woisin is the sewer department coordinator.  Email Joan or call 570-223-8920 ext.115.

Automatic Sewer Bill Reminders

Want to get reminders to pay your bill?  Now you can get text and/or email reminders when your bill is due! Click here to visit the signup page for the Township TextCaster Alerts!

Township-Owned Treatment Plants

Middle Smithfield Township owns and operates multiple sewage treatment plants:

Fernwood Treatment Plant: On August 12, 1993, Middle Smithfield Township took over ownership of the Fernwood, Inc Treatment Plant. The plant’s collection system and treatment plant has a capacity of 1,000,000 gpd (gallons per day). The system consists of approximately 3.2 miles of low-pressure sewer lines, 6-inch force mains, 8-inch force mains, 10-inch force mains, 12-inch force mains, and seven pumping stations. Operations and maintenance of the plant are performed by Prosser Laboratories. Middle Smithfield Township purchased additional sewage capacity from the Bushkill Group, owners of Fernwood Resort, after the successful negotiations in 2009.  The Township had previously owned rights to 300,000 gpd, and acquired an additional 134,069 gpd from the Bushkill Group to accommodate the expanding Township’s increasing demand.

Winona Lakes Treatment Plant: The Winona Lakes Sewage Treatment Plant has been operated and maintained by Middle Smithfield Township since the Middle Smithfield Township Sewer Authority took over ownership in the end of 2001. The plant’s collection system and treatment plant has a capacity of 400,000 gpd. Wastewater is treated in numerous chambers where it goes through various cycles of disinfection and sludge screening. The Plant has 1 duplex pumping station with two running pumps. Operations and maintenance of the plant are performed by Prosser Laboratories.

Maintenance and Operation of the Treatment Plants

The Township has contracted with Prosser Laboratories to perform all routine monitoring, maintenance, and repair of the plant and collection system, including the pump stations. Routine monitoring includes flow recording and influent and effluent sampling. Preventive maintenance includes routine cleaning tasks and making system repairs. Emergency maintenance is handled by Prosser Labs or an outside contractor depending on the nature of the problem. In addition to monitoring and mandated testing and maintenance, there are also utility costs (water, electrical, etc.), as well as costs for engineering, chemicals, supplies, and sludge disposal and hauling.

Have a sewer emergency?

If you have a sewer emergency, please start with a plumber.  If the plumber assessment is that the problem is in the street, your Homeowner’s Association will need to be contacted.

Note: The township is only responsible for the township sewer lines. The sewer customer’s grinder pump, grease trap, internal plumbing, and lateral lines are the responsibility of the homeowner. IF the wastewater treatment plant operator inspects your issue and determines the issue is with the customer’s equipment, the sewer customer will be billed for the service call. (If the issue is with the township’s equipment, the township will fix the problem at no charge to the sewer customer.)

Sewer Workshop are held on every 4th Friday of the month at 9AM.