Township Directory

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Tel: 570-223-8920

Follow prompts to contact the correct staff person, dial Ext 100 for the Receptionist, or dial one of the extensions below.


Annette Atkinson, Ext. 124 – Supervisor Atkinson

Michael J. Dwyer, Ext. 123 – Supervisor Dwyer

Mark Oney, Ext. 125 – Supervisor Oney


Judy Acosta, Ext. 128
Zoning Officer
Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer

Michele Clewell, Ext. 112
Township Secretary
Township Secretary
Human Resources
Administrative Coordinator

Mayra Colon, Ext. 100
Township Receptionist
Director of First Impressions

Kevin Dixon, 570-223-8099
Golf Course & Emergency Management
Golf Course Manager
Emergency Management Coordinator

Patrice Dume, Ext. 130
EDC Manager
Economic Development Manager
Planning Commission Liaison

Anita Einolf, Ext. 126
Zoning Administrator 
Zoning Administrator

Rachel Heller, Ext. 142
Public Works
Roads and Public Works Coordinator
Homeowners Association Liaison

Christopher Rain, Ext 119
Parks, Community Center, & Banquet Hall
Parks & Recreation Manager
Community Center Manager
Golf Committee Liaison

Whispering Pines Banquet Hall Coordinator
Website Manager

Bonnie Winters, Ext. 131
Budget and Finance
Budget and Finance Manager

Joan Woisin, Ext. 115
Open Records Officer/Sewer Department
Sewer Department Coordinator
Open Records/Right to Know Officer

Township Sewage Enforcement Officer – Ott Consulting


Economic Development Committee and Planning Commission
Patrice Dume, x130

Golf Advisory Committee
Christopher Rain, x119

Historical Commission
Rachel Heller, x142

Litter and Beautification
Christopher Rain, x119

Parks and Recreation
Christopher Rain, x119