Zoning & Building

Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer: Judy Acosta, SFM Consulting LLC

Alternate Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer: Shawn McGlynn, SFM Consulting LLC

Zoning Administrator: Mayra Colon
mcolon@mstownship.com | 570-223-8920 x 126

Zoning Clerk: Vicki Smith
vsmith@mstownship.com | 570-223-8920 x 105

Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor: Robert Kidwell, Esq.

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Zoning Hearing Board

In accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and Division 83 of the Middle Smithfield Township Zoning Ordinance the Township Board of Supervisors has created a Zoning Hearing Board consisting of five members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members of the Board shall hold no other office in the Township, either elected or appointed. The Board of Supervisors may appoint at least one, but not more than three, residents to serve as alternate members of the Zoning Hearing Board.


The Zoning Hearing Board shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and render a decision in the following matters:

  • Substantive challenges to the validity of any land use ordinance, except those brought before the governing body pursuant to the MPC for curative amendments and validity challenges
  • Appeals from the determination of the Zoning Officer
  • Appeals from the determination of the municipal engineer or Zoning Officer with reference to the administration of a floodplain or flood hazard ordinance or such provisions within a land use ordinance.
  • Applications for variances
  • Applications for special exceptions 
  • Appeals from the determination of any officer or agency charged with the administration of any transfer of development rights or performance density provisions.
  • Appeals from the Zoning Officer’s determination
  • Appeals from the determination of the Zoning Officer or municipal engineer in the administration of any land use ordinance or provision thereof with reference to the sedimentation and erosion control and stormwater management insofar as the same relate to development not involving Article V or VII applications of the MPC.


Josephine Ferro- Chairperson

Art Jenkins- Vice Chairperson

Jeff Senholzi

Melonie Schmid

Gary Morris

Robert Kidwell, Esq. – Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor