Waste & Recycling

Middle Smithfield Township has no trash collection program and does not provide municipal trash collection services.  Middle Smithfield Township residents are required to privately contract with a waste hauler for their trash and recycling collection needs. Please contact your home owner association, if you live in one, for any information about trash collection or disposal in your community.

Please note that there is a permanent burn ban in Middle Smithfield Township.

Waste Haulers

For information about residential waste haulers that operate in Monroe County please review our list of waste haulers on our resource directory.

You can also download a list of Waste Haulers (PDF).

Dead Deer Removal

For information on dead deer removal from the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority, call 570-643-6100 or visit their website.

Leaf Collection

Since 2012, Middle Smithfield Township has provided curbside leaf collection in the Spring and Fall, along all State and township roads. The township is currently working with the homeowners associations of private communities to identify central locations within the communities for community residents to drop off their leaves for the township to pick up.

Preparation for Recycling

Please rinse containers, do not remove labels, place in a recycling container. No need to sort. The newspapers can be tied or placed in a brown paper or clear plastic bag.

Donate Your Car

Recycle your old car by donating to great cause. 

Wheels For Wishes is a car donation program benefiting Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia. At no cost to donors, we pick up or tow away vehicles and use the earned proceeds to benefit Make-A-Wish Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Visit the Wheels for Wishes website for more information. 

Litter Control

Middle Smithfield Township has a robust, all volunteer litter control program known as 1000 Feet of Street.  Residents are also able to adopt a road within the township and help to keep their road clear of litter.

Please visit the Litter & Beautification page for more information about litter control.

Waste Reduction

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's "Act 101 - Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling, and Waste Reduction Act" of July, 1988, mandates recycling in Pennsylvania`s larger municipalities. The goals of the Act are to reduce Pennsylvania`s municipal waste generation; recycle at least 25% of waste generated; procure and use recycled and recyclable materials in state governmental agencies; and educate the public as to the benefits of recycling and waste reduction.

The benefits of recycling and waste reduction include:

  • Reduced pollution risks
  • Conservation of natural resources, energy and landfill space
  • Reduced disposal costs

Municipalities, such as Middle Smithfield Township, with populations of at least 10,000 had to implement curbside recycling programs by September 26, 1990. Mandated municipalities are required to separate leaf waste from other municipal wastes.