Memory Makers Luncheon

Memory Makers is our annual senior and long-time resident luncheon hosted by the township's Historical Commission. Residents who have lived in the township for thirty years or more, or who are at least sixty-five years old and have lived in Middle Smithfield Township for twenty years or more, are invited.  The program began in 2005.

Each year, the commission chooses a different topic related to local history and invites guest speakers to present at the event.

Past Memory Makers Topics:

  • 2023 - History of Local Native Americans
  • 2022 - History of Local Theaters
  • 2019 - Middle Smithfield School Class Reunion
  • 2018 - Genealogy
  • 2017 - History of Transportation in the Poconos
  • 2016 - History of Local Resorts
  • 2015 - 60th Anniversary of the Flood of 1955
  • 2014 - 200th Anniversary of the Middle Smithfield Presbyterian Church
  • 2013 - The Civil War and Middle Smithfield Residents Who Fought at Gettysburg
  • 2009 - What Happened the Year You Were Born?
  • 2008 - Back to School Days